Luna Liniments was born in 2011 when a group of friends decided to make their own bruise/hit wine (jow). Inspired by their years of experience in martial arts, Chinese herbal medicine and energy cultivation training, Luna Liniments is a dedication to crafting the highest possible potency of jow, sourced from the finest ingredients to ensure maximum efficiency.

The founders are:

Christina Barea – with over 20 years dedicated to the pursuit of energy cultivation, martial arts and Daoism.

Peyton Young – with over 30 years dedicated to the study of martial arts, meditation, and Buddhism.

Patrick Swagerty – with over 30 years dedicated to the study of martial arts, spiritual inspiration and family.

Melissa Swagerty – with over 30 years dedicated to formulating recipes and refining the human spirit.



Luna Liniments (formerly called “Yi Qi Da Jow”) was born in 2012 when a group of friends decided to make their own bruise/hit (jow)  formula for healing.

Pulling from an ancient recipe acquired from a teacher many moons ago, they decided to go “old school” and follow the steps done throughout history. The jow spent 1 full year in a clay pot designed for herbs 6 feet underground in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Flash forward a few years, several pounds of herbs, many jars and lots of Vodka, we are blending 3 different formulas: Anti-Inflammatory, Bruise/hit and Flexibility. Each in 2 formulations: liquid and cream.


The Best Quality: Botanical, Organic Ingredients

Luna Liniments uses botanically sourced ingredients. We stand strong against animal cruelty and do not use any ingredients that come from abusive practices, nor do we support any kind of testing on animals. This is our firm statement against some traditional Chinese herbal recipes which have historically included the use of some animal parts such as shark fin, bear gallbladder, turtles and more. In today’s world, we have access to plant origin ingredients from around the globe and it is unnecessary to use ingredients that encourage poaching or cruelty. Our recipes have been adapted to exclude animal sourced products giving you the peace of mind knowing that your dollars do not support any of these inhumane practices.

Sourcing our plant ingredients from reputable vendors is also a big concern for us. Whenever possible, we source organic raw ingredients from USA or certified organic vendors. This helps us to control for the growing conditions of the herbs you apply to your skin. Because plants absorb the nutrients or toxins of the earth in which they were grown, we do not source from known toxic locations or vendors whom we don’t trust to provide only the highest quality ingredients.

We seek vendors who are certified organic as they are subject to the highest standards. If not available organically, we source from agro-farmers who are dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices to both animals and the planet. This shows us that the soil is rich and free from pesticides like Roundup, or from heavy metals like cadmium or arsenic. Rest assured that when you purchase from Luna Liniments we are doing all the groundwork for you to ensure our products live up to the rest of your holistic and conscious lifestyle.


Last, but not least, we also pay attention to how we package our high quality liniments. Our herbal blends are presented in glass jars or bottles with a deep blue color. We have intentionally chosen glass as it will not interact with the jow and thus preserve its original strength and energetic properties. It is well known that plastic degrades and seeps into anything it stores and so, with our commitment to highest quality, we do not use plastic at Luna Liniments. Plastic would also have an adverse reaction to the high alcohol content in the jow. We invest in the best packaging to present you with a very high quality jow that you will surely enjoy.

In addtiona, the blue color does two things, first it protects the ingredients against light exposure and thus extends the shelf life of the product. This is particularly important with the liquid jow blend which can last for years if stored properly. A clear jar would allow all light to enter which in turn promotes more of a photo(light) induced accelerated breakdown of the jow.

Blue also imbues the energetic properties of healing and imparts a soothing, calming effect. Perfect to put you in the right state of mind to speed up the healing process. Finally, it also matches our logo!


Woman & Minority Owned Business


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clay jar with herbs
This is the original formula which spent 1 year in the ground.
clar jar with herbs, bottled liquid liniments
This is the result of the herbs after soaking for 1 year in the ground. Notice the deep rich color of the bottled jow.