Huge praise for the Luna Liniments Flexibility jow/cream and its over night pain relief. Many days, due to a low back injury I fall asleep in discomfort. After applying the flexibility cream I wake up feeling relaxed and pain free ready to start my day. The flexibility cream is a must have for me!

Flexibility Cream is Amazing! - James Y.

Thank you for creating this amazing product. I have inflammation on my right elbow ligaments and muscles. By applying Dit Da Jow on the affected area, in 2 days my inflammation has decreased 25% and in 5 days 50% thanks to Anti-inflammatory formula. The regular healing for this type of condition can take around 3 weeks. I strongly recommend this product! ~Andrea G.

Inflammation Reduced in just 5 days! - Andrea G.

I use their liniments pretty much exclusively. I do a ton of iron palm and iron body training and use their bruise blend every time. The innovation of using a bottle with a pump dispenser is awesome. Saves on spillage. The video tips on how to use Jow has also been helpful and has improved the performance of the treatment over the old splash and dash method i used to do.

I love that this is made locally and made in our Appalachian mountains . It feels like tying two cultures together. I love our mountains and it’s great knowing I get a little bit of the energy to heal with.

I trained with one of the brewers and I have never met a more earnest or enthusiastic practitioner of the arts. I’m glad to see them grow!

~Luna Liniments Anti-Inflammation Liquid Jow

I use their liniments pretty much exclusively. - David M.

Very effective and useful products, from very insightful people. Their flexibility jow worked wonders on my calf/peroneal muscle cramps after months of running in the wrong shoes! Thanks guys!

Very effective and useful products! - Michael E.

Having never tried something like this before I was excited to try the Anti-Inflammation Jow for my chronic knee pain. Let me just say, I feel like this is a miracle lotion! I had a particularly intense workout that had caused my knee pain to flare up again. After applying the lotion, I felt a slight pleasant cooling sensation and the pain started to subside shortly after. I applied again before bed and by the next day the pain was gone. What usually lasts a few days was gone in just one! I also tried this out after long sessions of playing Banjo and other instruments and it really soothes the tired achy hands and wrists.
Definitely recommend this to everyone!

I feel like this is a miracle lotion! - Sandee L.